Thursday, August 27, 2015

If anyone sees/interviews/meets with Clark County, Nevada District Attorney Steven Wolfson, would you be so kind as to ask him the below question.
D. A. Steven Wolfson, back in July 2006 through June 2007, you, as a then private attorney, represented Steven Crain.  During that time you told then therapist John Pacult and Southern Nevada Parole & Probation Officer Shelley Carreo that it is not illegal for Steven Crain to not want to admit to a crime, especially since Steven Crain did not commit it.  The then Clark County District Attorney did not prosecute the case. Are you aware that the Clark County D. A.'s office was in September 2014 through November 6, 2015 maliciously prosecuting Steven Crain based on the fact that again Steven Crain is being considered non-compliant because therapist Alyson Leigh Shanker and Southern Nevada Parole & Probation Officer Michael VanDyke want poor, actually innocent, Hispanic, Steven Crain to admit to a crime Steven Crain did not commit.  After realizing that the charges filed against Steven Crain, by Officer Mchael VanDyke were false, Clark County Deputy District Attorney Palai asked Clark County District Court Chief Judge David Barker to dismiss the charges against Steven Crain.  On November 6, 2015, Chief Judge Barker did dismiss the case against Steven Crain.

Isn't trying to force someone to admit to a crime, especially when they did not commit a crime a violation of the 5th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution?

Thank you,

Harold Krieg

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